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Food Frequency Questionnaire

This questionnaire includes questions about how often our participants went fishing and about the fish they ate. We wanted to know which types of fish they ate, how often they ate fish, and the sources of their fish. We asked participants to fill out this questionnaire five times over the course of a year, once each season. We wanted to know whether their fishing behaviors and their patterns of eating fish changed in different seasons.
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GLWMS Fish Consumption Log for web

Fish Consumption Log

Our participants used this log to write down each of their fish meals. This log helped them fill out food frequency questionnaires when they met with study team members. The log includes a calendar, pictures of Grand Lake fish, a map of locations in the Grand Lake watershed, and examples of portion sizes.
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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences The Grand Lake Watershed Mercury Study is supported with funding from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Grant No.1R21ES017941.

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